Steve Jackson
Steve JacksonPresident
Sales, estimating and business stuff
Voice – 707-444-6236 x501 • Cell – 707-834-0987
Mike Morris
Mike MorrisProduction Manager
707-444-6236 x502 • Cell – 530-521-1940
Kevin Bell
Kevin BellCSR/Designer
Um, Customer service and graphic design as the title implies
707-444-6236 x513
Kevin Houle
Kevin Houle
707-444-6236 x511
Dave Drickey
Dave DrickeyMaintenance Technician
Think MacGyver for the printing industry, Dave can do anything
707-444-6236 x503
Ryan Barsanti
Ryan BarsantiPrePress Technician
He only comes out at night to make your plates right
707-444-6236 x504
Richard Pope
Richard PopePress Operator
Bill Donnelly
Bill DonnellyPress Operator
Lea Shapiro
Lea ShapiroSecond Press Operator
Justin Henry
Justin HenryBindery Operator
Patrick Reed
Patrick ReedBindery Operator